The Most Beautiful Italian Restaurant Inside A Seaside Cave

The Seaside Restaurant is called Grotta Palazzese Hotel and is one of the most magical places to eat in the world. It's in Polignano a Mare, Italy's coast.

Top 10 Must Eat Italian Desserts You Need In Your Life

Italy is known for its cuisine and antipasti but their specialty lies in sweets, and more specifically desserts. Which are the most delicious?

Top 10 Most Unusual And Beautiful Fountains In Italy

Here are the weirdest and most beautiful fountains of Italy. Amazing sculptures and grand fountains. Which is your favourite?

Top 10 Most Delicious Traditional Italian Dishes

Italian restaurants and Italian food can be found all over the world. Did you ever wonder why? Because it's damn delicious and addictive. Here are the best!

Top 10 Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Places In Italy

Italy is a gorgeous country with too many beautiful places to count. Below you'll find the very best worth seeing and visiting that will blow your mind!

Top 10 Most Romantic Small Towns In Italy

Italy's towns are very beautiful and perfect for a getaway but when it comes to a romantic trip with your partner, there are some that are the best!

Top 10 Beautiful Small Towns In Italy You Must Visit

Italy has a lot of amazing big and coastal towns. So many that its smaller, more picturesque towns don't get enough love. Here are the most beautiful!

Top 10 Things Italians Do Better Than Most

Below you'll find some things Italians are well known for and that very few rival them at. What are Italian's best at and why?

Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches In California

California is known as one of the most popular states in America for its hot summers and lovely beaches. Below you'll find the most amazing!

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In South America

Incredible beaches, glaciers and waterfalls are the wonders to be found in South America. There are so many absolutely breathtaking places to see there!

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